Restita “Sifu” DeJesus


Restita DeJesus is the Instructor of our PE/Fitness Class, which is a hybrid of standardized PE activities and Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts Sports). "Coach Rusty" as she is known at Morningside, has 40 years of experience in teaching Fitness and martial arts. Her extensive experience includes Karate, Kung Fu, Kajukenbo, Eskrima, Kyudo, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Wushu. When not teaching at Morningside, she teaches at her martial arts school, "Seattle Wushu Center" in West Seattle. In 2019, Restita's martial arts school attained the "Seattle Martial Arts School Of The Year" award by the Seattle Company Awards Association. In her spare time she enjoys meditation, motorcycling, target slingshot shooting, target blowgunning, bullwhip trick cracking, and paracord crafting. She is a Reiki master practitioner and ordained interfaith minister. Through her PE classes, Restita hopes that kids can enhance their sense of confidence, empowerment, mental sharpness and physical fitness.