Summer School

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Please mail the $500 fee* to reserve your space. Send your payment to: Morningside Academy, 901 Lenora  St., Seattle, WA 98121

Summer School Student Paperwork
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Make school a breeze by building reading, writing, mathematics, thinking skills, study skills and organization skills at Morningside Academy this July! By building on existing academic skills and tailoring individualized and small-group instruction to meet each student’s needs, students develop motivation and pride in their accomplishments, build self-esteem, and self-concept. Combining research-based methods, including Precision Teaching, Talk Aloud Problem Solving, and direct instruction, leads to rapid academic progress for all students.

Students entering grades 2-9 catch up and get ahead, choosing from AM and/or PM sessions of Writing (handwriting, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, composition, organizational skills,) Reading (decoding, phonemic awareness, comprehension, analytical reading, literature appreciation, organizational skills,) and Mathematics (from counting skills and arithmetic to algebra, problem solving, computation, organizational skills.)

Students entering grades 6-9 prepare for middle school and high school in Content Course Preparation (study skills, organizing material, paper layout, proofreading, test taking, textbook use, reference books, memorizing, answering questions, note taking.) This course is designed for proficient readers at or above grade level.

Each student who enrolls comes for placement testing prior to the summer program so that instructional time will not be taken up with testing. Based on assessment results, students will be enrolled in courses that best address academic deficits.

Teaching is adjusted until the student is successful. No one falls through the cracks. Practicing skills until they are fluent may be the most important part of what we do. Speed and accuracy together is what “fluency” is all about.
Kent Johnson, Ph.D., Founding Director
Kent Johnson, Ph.D.