Staff Directory

This is a quicker, list-based version of the larger Faculty & Staff pages.

No bios here, just titles and available contact info.

Dr. Kent Johnson, Executive Director
Dr. Joanne Robbins, Associate Director & Principal
Aine O’Connor, Director of Operations
Alan Szech, Admissions Director
Tim Smith, Administration and Facilities Director
Patrick Erbeck-McKinnion, Technology Director
Stephanie Budrus, Director of Development
Steve Dunnington, Accounting
Julian Gire, School Psychologist
Ryan Braun, Administrative Coodinator

Bryon Bohnen, Faculty
Addy Charkow-Ross, Teaching Assistant
Marianne Delgado, Faculty
Nicole Erickson, Faculty
Joe Gleason, Faculty
Shelia Habarad, Faculty
Shiloh Isbell, Faculty
Geoff Martin, Faculty
Brien McGuire, Faculty
Jenni Reilly, Faculty
Adam Stretz, Faculty
Mike Wolfson, Faculty
Paul Conrad, Art
Restita DeJesus, Wushu