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Morningside Teachers’ Academy offers flexible and customized solutions for schools and agencies of all sizes, as well as individual teachers and therapists. Our consultants will work with you to design a partnership that most efficiently targets your site’s individual needs. See our full list of services.

Get the most out of your Morningside Press purchase. MTA training and ongoing coaching will help maximize the benefits of your curriculum additions.


Start a Morningside Partnership

Morningside has implemented instructional programs including reading, reasoning, math, writing, thinking, and study skills, in over 100 schools and organizations since 1990.

Many individual teachers, graduate students, parents, and professionals have learned of our successes and requested our assistance in bringing Morningside’s programs to their children and schools.

Morningside Teachers’ Academy assists with the implementation of new programs through formal external partnerships with public and private school and agencies. Collaborations are highly customizable depending on the needs of the particular group. Morningside offers customizable workshops, trainings, in-classroom coaching, assessment system development, and web-based distance coaching and mentorship. We also guide the purchase of relevant curriculum to optimize a Morningside implementation.

We follow a system for transferring technologies of teaching and learning from us to you.

  • Step 1 Assess students and share results with school.
  • Step 2 Determine which curriculum options and methods best match the needs of the students.
  • Step 3 Deploy professional, well-trained consultants to offer coaching and training for teachers to implement the optimum programs.
  • Step 4 Establish classroom systems for ongoing data collection of student progress, so that teachers are able to assess their students’ performance and make appropriate instructional interventions. The goal is to see students achieve in the 3rd and 4th quartiles nationally.
  • Step 5 Establish a school-based system for continuous monitoring and evaluation of student progress, with appropriate interventions as necessary.

Contact Dr. Kent Johnson, Morningside’s Founder and Director, for more information